Can I Apply for eNTRI Visa if I Am an Indian Residing Outside India?

All Indian citizens planning to travel to Malaysia are required to apply for one of the Malaysia visa types. Those planning to visit for a short stay for tourism are first required to submit an Electronic Travel Registration and Information (eNTRI) application.

The eNTRI was introduced in March 2017 in order to facilitate Indian tourism to Malaysia. An approved eNTRI visa allows Indian citizens a single entry stay of up to 15 days in Malaysia for tourism and is valid for 3 months from the date of the issue.

An approved eNTRI visa is a mandatory entry requirement for Malaysia for all Indian passport holders, whether they are currently residing in India or not. Indian nationals who are currently residing outside India are also able to apply for the eNTRI to travel to Malaysia for tourism.

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for eNTRI from Outside India?

In order to apply for the eNTRI visa for Malaysia, all Indian nationals are required to have a valid Indian passport, a confirmed return flight booking, and a recent photograph, passport-sized. Applicants who are minors are also required to provide a copy of their birth certificate.

In addition to having a valid Indian passport and flight tickets, and meeting the Malaysia Visa photo requirements, those who reside outside India must also provide some additional supporting documentation. It is necessary to provide either:

  • Proof of a work permit from the third party country
  • Proof of a residence permit from the third party country.

Evidence of one of these documents is mandatory for an eNTRI visa to be approved when Indian nationals apply from outside of India. All Indian citizens traveling to Malaysia with an approved eNTRI are also required to provide the following upon arrival at the border:

  • A printed copy of the eNTRI for Indian nationals
  • A boarding pass and confirmed return flight tickets (either direct flights to Malaysia or by transit through Singapore, Brunei, or Thailand)
  • A travel itinerary for the stay in Malaysia
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay
  • Evidence of accommodation in Malaysia (such as a hotel booking).

How to Apply for a Malaysia eNTRI for Indians from Outside India

Indian nationals can apply for a Malaysia eNTRI tourist visa from anywhere outside of India, with the exception of Malaysia and Singapore. Those who apply for the eNTRI for Indian nationals from Malaysia or Singapore will have their applications rejected.

In order to register for the eNTRI for Indian citizens, it is necessary to submit a Malaysia online visa application form, which takes just a few minutes to complete with personal and passport information. It is also necessary to provide details of travel plans, and to answer a few questions related to health and security matters, in order to submit the application.

In addition to uploading a passport-sized photograph and an image of the front page of their passport, Indian nationals residing outside of India must also upload their proof of residence in a third party country. Once submitted, it usually takes around 1 business day for the eNTRI to be processed. The successful applicant will then receive the approved visa via email.