Is the Malaysia eVisa Valid for Business Travelers?

The Malaysia eVISA was introduced to make obtaining a travel authorization to Malaysia faster and easier. At the same time, it helps Malaysian authorities to streamline and strengthen border control, making border document checks smoother and quicker.

The new electronic visa system is expected to boost tourism and motivate international travelers to make Malaysia their next holiday destination by removing the hassle and costs of having to visit a Malaysian embassy or consulate to apply in person and submit the required documents in hard copies. All applicants need now is access to a reliable internet connection and a device that can go online.

In other words, the Malaysian visa online offers advantages to both Malaysia and international travelers and is specifically designed for tourism purposes. Unfortunately, the eVisa is intended to be used by tourists only and cannot grant entry for business purposes.

The Malaysia eVisa is also a short-term visa for tourists who intend to spend a limited amount of time (up to 30 days) in the country. This means that it cannot be used for long travels or as a pathway to residency and that it does not allow entry for working or studying purposes.

How to Obtain a Business Visa for Malaysia

Of course, Malaysia welcomes visitors who wish to visit the country to do business. If you intend to travel to Malaysia for business purposes, you’re advised to visit an embassy, consulate, or High Commission of Malaysia that is near you. Malaysian visa centers will also be able to help.

Once you go to the nearest Malaysian embassy or diplomatic mission in person, you’ll receive information regarding what documents to submit as part of your business visa application and whether you’ll have to pay a visa and/or application fee.

The business visa for Malaysia may be a single or multiple-entry visa depending on your specific circumstances. You may have to provide the Malaysian authorities with proof of sufficient funds for the entirety of your stay in Malaysia as well as other documents. Factors that may affect the eligibility and conditions of your visa include, for example, your nationality and the country issuing the passport you’ll use to travel as well as your business purposes and travel plans.