How to Verify the Validity and Authenticity of Your Malaysian eVisa

Foreign nationals visiting Malaysia for tourism with an electronic visa sometimes wonder how to verify whether their eVisa for Malaysia is authentic or fraudulent. Inquiries on the subject have grown since a number of individuals carrying altered or falsified Malaysian visas were arrested for illegally altering the documents as well as staying longer than they were permitted to.

Fortunately, recognizing that your approved eVisa for Malaysia document is authentic is quite easy. Read our recommendations that will give you peace of mind during your travels to this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

How to Tell If a Malaysian Visa Is Fake or Authentic

The simplest way to ensure that your Malaysian electronic visa is authentic is to make sure you have submitted your application through a reliable source. This website has all the necessary security, privacy and authenticity procedures in place to guarantee that your Malaysian electronic visa application will be duly processed.

When you are granted an electronic visa for Malaysia through our website, you may rest assured that your travel document has been issued directly by the Malaysian immigration authorities.

How to Verify a Malaysian Electronic Visa

An authentic eVisa for Malaysia is digitally linked to a passport’s number as well as the full name of the passport holder. An authentic Malaysian electronic visa document has the following characteristics:

  • The text “Electronic Visa and eVISA Government of Malaysia” is located at the top left corner, along with the country’s coat of arms.
  • eVISA MALAYSIA logo is on the document’s top right corner.
  • Electronic code on the top left of the document.
  • Text on the top right of the document reads “MALAYSIA IMMIGRATION. [Section 2(1), Passport Act 1966]. SINGLE ENTRY VISA. Good for a single journey to Malaysia within 3 months from date hereof, provided that this passport remains valid.” accompanied by the logo of the Department of Immigration of Malaysia to the left of the text, in full-color.
  • To the right is a full-color passport photograph of the citizen granted the Malaysian eVisa, with their passport number printed clearly beneath.
  • Beneath the picture, there should be a scannable bar code to the right of the page, with the eVISA number clearly printed beneath it.
  • At the bottom of the eVisa Malaysia document, you will find a Disclaimer that reads: “The eVISA merely establishes that you are eligible to travel, but does not guarantee that you are entitled to enter Malaysia. Upon arrival to Malaysia, you will be inspected by a Malaysian Immigration Entry/Exit Officer who may determine that you are inadmissible for any reason under Malaysian law.” along with a link to the Malaysian government website FAQs in order for citizens granted an eVISA to find more information on conditions, eligibility, fees amongst other information.

Below, you will find all the “eVISA Holder Information” submitted, which contains the following data about the traveler granted entry into Malaysia, as well as the reference numbers for the eVisa Malaysia issued:

  • eVISA Number: Contains a 21 character code comprised of a combination of capital letters and numbers.
  • Reference Number: Contains a 21 character code separated by backslashes, comprised by a combination of capital letters and numbers such as the following example: EVS/#####/#####/########
  • eVISA Issue Date: Day, month and year separated by hyphens.
  • eVISA Expire Date: Day, month and year separated by hyphens.
  • Place of Issue: Comprised of city and country separated by a comma.
  • Remarks: May include any observation the Malaysian immigration officer attending your request may deem necessary to mention on your eVisa.
  • Visa Fee: The total amount the Malaysian government requires to cover your eVisa application, expressed in your local currency.
  • Gender: Expresses whether the applicant is registered as a male or female citizen on their passport.
  • Full Name: First name, middle name and family name of the applicant, as written on their passport, printed in capital letters.
  • Date of Birth of the applicant: Day, month and year separated by hyphens.
  • Nationality: Country that has issued the passport to the applicant printed in capital letters.
  • Travel Document: This describes the document you have submitted for your online visa application. In this instance, it is likely to state “INTERNATIONAL PASSPORT” in capital letters.
  • Travel Document Number: This is the applicant’s passport number.
  • Travel Document Issue: This is the date on which the applicant’s passport was issued, including day, month and year separated by hyphens.
  • Travel Document Expiry Date: This is the date on which the applicant’s passport is set to expire, including day, month and year separated by hyphens.
  • Please note that the logo of the Department of Immigration of Malaysia appears in light gray, as a watermark behind all of the aforementioned eVISA Holder Information.

The Malaysia electronic visa application is secure and straightforward to obtain. Passport holders from eligible countries may fill out the online form by submitting their personal and travel details from the comfort of their home or office. They will then be required to answer some basic security questions and cover their Malaysian visa fee using a credit or debit card.

Applications are generally approved within 1 business day, however, travelers are advised to submit their application 7 days prior to their travel dates, to allow extra processing time, in the event that it may be required.