Malaysia Targets Millennial Instagrammers With its 2020 Tourism Campaign

Malaysia Targets Millennial Instagrammers With its 2020 Tourism Campaign

Malaysia is to focus part of its 2020 tourism campaign on attracting domestic and foreign millennial visitors with the promise of must-see sights and experiences Instagrammers will love. To do this, the Asian nation’s Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign is set to offer special incentives to bring avid Instagram users into the country to take advantage of its many attractions.

This article studies what’s on offer for Generation Y tourists in the coming year. It also explains how to prepare for a relaxing and enjoyable time in Malaysia, in addition to the necessary requirements to travel there as an overseas visitor.

”Insta Worthy” Sights and Experiences in Malaysia

A big part of the Visit Malaysia 2020 campaign is to focus on improving the digital experience of tourism for prospective visitors. This is to be realized via an enhanced web portal and through social media initiatives. Through this digital media, the nation is hoping to give tourists a good idea about the benefits of a trip to Malaysia and what makes the country unique.

During the launch of the campaign itself, Tourism Malaysia’s Director-General Musa Yusof explained: “With an enhanced digital experience and experiential content, we hope to entice more international and local tourists to visit the various destinations in our country, in support of Visit Malaysia 2020.”

One of the ways that Tourism Malaysia is hoping to accomplish this is through its “Insta Worthy” section on the 2020 website. This is to take advantage of User Generated Content (UGC) and is to offer numerous advantages to those who participate via tagging and using the official hashtags #VisitMalaysia2020, #MalaysiaTrulyAsia, and #CutiCutiMalaysia.

Users sharing photos and videos with these linking tools stand the chance of being featured on Visit Malaysia 2020’s website. Full credit will be given to the original user and will share their work with a much wider audience. With the world of travel Instagram being more competitive than ever, this offers a great way to grow a channel organically.

Visiting Malaysia During 2020

As part of Malaysia’s 2020 campaign for tourism, the country is hoping to attract 30 million domestic and foreign visits during the year. This is to be achieved with digital incentives like “Insta Worthy”, better information about attractions online and easy-to-acquire digital visas and tourist packages.

This is to include a special Visa On Arrival which is being made available especially for Indian and Chinese Tourists visiting from neighboring countries with valid visas for those states. It is hoped that by appealing to visitors from two of the world’s most populous and growing economies that tourist numbers will rise quickly.

Malaysia has steadily been growing its tourism numbers over the past few years, with a 3.7% increase in visits between 2018-2019. With around 3 million of the 20 million annual tourists coming from these 2 countries.

What are the Essential Requirements to Travel to Malaysia?

Visitors to Malaysia from Asian countries such as China, India or Pakistan require an appropriate Malaysia visa. The easiest way to obtain this is with a Malaysia eVisa, which can be acquired online within 1 business day and allows short stays of up to 30 days.

Travelers to the country should also get the necessary vaccinations for Malaysia before visiting. At present visitors traveling from zones affected by Yellow Fever will need evidence of recent immunization, however, beyond that there are no other obligatory inoculations.

Malaysia is keen to play to its visual and technological strengths in 2020. That, however, comes as no surprise, as the nation is home to beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, colorful cities, and highly Instagrammable cuisine.