Traveling to Malaysia from Singapore

Traveling to Malaysia from Singapore

The border between Singapore and Malaysia is one of the world’s busiest border crossings. The island nation of Singapore hugs the coastline of Malaysia, and there are only 2 bridges connecting the two. The majority of the cross-border traffic flows through the infamous Causeway. Nevertheless, many people cross it every day including commuters, international tourists, […]

Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020

Visit Truly Asia Malaysia 2020: a Vision for Malaysian Tourism

Malaysia is by many considered one of Asia’s hidden gems. For decades, it’s been overlooked by mass tourism — focused more on its neighbors Thailand and Singapore. However, the country has recently seen a dramatic increase in the number of international tourism arrivals. Holidaymakers are attracted by its stunning nature, multicultural society, world-renowned food, and […]

new tax for passangers flying from malaysia

New Departure Tax for Passengers Flying from Malaysia

Passengers flying out of Malaysia will have to pay a departure tax from September 1. The fee will depend on the country of destination and whether the traveler is flying in economy or non-economy. The president of the Malaysia Tourism Council, Uzaidi Udanis, said: “Nobody likes taxes. However, the country needs to upgrade its tourism […]

visit malaysia as an indian

Visit Malaysia: Irresistible Tourism Packages for Indian Nationals

If you have always dreamt of enjoying Malaysia’s tropical gardens, pristine islands, breathtaking monasteries, or bustling skyscrapers, this may be the best time to do so. Travel and tour operators converged with governmental organizations at the Visit Malaysia 2020 event in Kuala Lumpur. They had a clear goal in mind: to join forces in promoting […]

malaysian culture

Malaysian Culture: What You Need to Know as a Visitor

Malaysia draws in visitors from all over the world due to its fascinating landscape, welcoming inhabitants, and intriguing ancient culture. It is considered a perfect holiday for many who stopover in bustling Asian cities, such as Singapore, before arriving in peaceful harmony in tranquil villages, lush jungles, and soothing beaches. Adventurers can seek whatever their […]

malaysia blockchain

Malaysia’s New “Blockchain Visa” Explained

Malaysia is to target technological talent with a brand new work visa for freelancers and experts specializing in cryptotechnology. Referred to by some as a “Blockchain Visa”, the government hopes that the availability of this new travel authorization will facilitate the number of businesses working directly with blockchain infrastructure and accelerate the country’s burgeoning technology […]

kuala lumpur international airport

Arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)

Malaysia is becoming increasingly popular as a holiday destination, with tourist arrivals continuing to grow at a steady level every year. The majority of tourist arrivals in Malaysia come from citizens of neighboring Asian countries, many of which are first required to obtain a Malaysia eVisa before traveling to the country. The introduction of the […]

vaccinations for entry to malaysia

Mandatory vaccinations for entry to Malaysia

Traveling abroad requires proper preparation, especially for trips to equatorial countries like Malaysia. Of course, before your visit to Malaysia, you may be wondering what the mandatory vaccinations for entry to Malaysia are. Fortunately, by the end of this article, you’ll have a complete picture of all the vaccinations you should have before you travel […]

photo requirements for malaysia visas

Malaysia eVisa Photo Requirements

The eVisa for Malaysia is available to nationals from Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Montenegro, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Serbia, and Sri Lanka. The eVisa is simple and straightforward and allows nationals of those countries to stay in Malaysia for up to 30 days. Indian and Chinese citizens can now also travel to Malaysia on the Electronic […]