Entry Requirements for Malaysia Visa

Apply for Online Visa

To apply for a Malaysia Visa it is important to read through the Malaysia visa requirements to ensure that you are able to meet the visa requirements and have all the necessary documents. The Malaysia visa can be applied for online in a simple online application form, eliminating the need for travelers to go to an embassy or consulate.

Travelers should read the requirements for the Malaysia visa before applying to avoid any complications or delays throughout the visa application. Failure to provide the required documents or adequate information could result in the rejection of the Malaysian visa, meaning that it is vital that all requirements are met.

Documents Required to Enter Malaysia

In order to visit Malaysia, it will be necessary to provide proof of certain documentation when applying for the eVisa. However, it will also be necessary to provide these documents with the approved visa at border control when entering Malaysia.

The documents required to enter Malaysia along with the Malaysian eVisa to grant you entry to Malaysia. Travelers who are unable to provide the following documents could experience difficulty traveling to Malaysia.

The following documents are necessary for the Malaysian eVisa:

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  • Valid passport
  • Passport-sized photo (see the complete photo requirements for more information)
  • Confirmed return flight reservation
  • Proof of accommodation (except for citizens of Bhutan)
  • Minor applicants will require a birth certificate

Once you have received your approved Malaysian eVisa, you can print it out and can get to ready to travel to Malaysia. Make sure you have the following documents to present at the Malaysian border:

malaysia entry requirements

  • Printed eVisa
  • Valid passport
  • Confirmed return flight reservation
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Sufficient funds for expenses while in Malaysia (credit or debit card/cash/traveler’s cheque)

Visa Requirements by Nationality

If you are unsure as to what you need to provide for your Malaysian visa application and entry to Malaysia at border control, you can read more nationality-specific requirements here.

While most countries share the same visa requirements for Malaysia, it can be useful to double-check nationality-specific requirements just in case.

The following countries are eligible to apply for a Malaysian visa:

*Eligible for the eNTRI visa waiver for Malaysia.

Requirements for Applying for an eNTRI Visa

The eNTRI visa is an online registration system created for citizens of countries that are eligible to apply for a Malaysian eNTRI. It functions as a visa waiver program and enables the Government of Malaysia to grant entry to Malaysia to citizens and residents of the People’s Republic of China and India.

In order to apply for an eNTRI visa for Malaysia, it will be necessary to follow specific requirements:

eNTRI applicants require:

requirements for malaysia visa

  • A passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Malaysia
  • A passport-size photo (see photo guidelines for more information)
  • Valid online payment, such as debit or credit card
  • An email address for receiving the eNTRI

When traveling to Malaysia with an eNTRI, make sure you have the following with you:

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  • The eNTRI printout authorization
  • Return flight confirmation to and from Malaysia (the flight must be direct or via Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand only)
  • Boarding pass
  • Evidence of accommodation i.e., hotel confirmation
  • Sufficient funds (traveler’s cheque, cash or debit/credit card)
  • Travel itinerary

It is imperative that travelers ensure they can provide the necessary documentation at the border in conjunction with a valid travel authorization (whether eVisa or eNTRI visa waiver). Failure to provide the correct documents could lead to the visa becoming invalid or being rejected entry to Malaysia.