Malaysia Visa for Bangladeshi Citizens

Malaysia is home to idyllic beaches, rainforests, vibrant cities, and world-class food. It makes for a beautiful vacation destination for individual travelers and families alike. Thanks to the eVisa process, citizens of Bangladesh who wish to visit this beautiful country can easily apply online for a Malaysian visa.

The Malaysia Government introduced the eVisa in January 2016. It is an official travel document which allows entry into Malaysia as well as travel within the country. Once granted, it is electronically linked to the passport of the traveler.

The eVisa is valid for various types of travel, including tourism, visits to friends or family, or business trips. The standard Malaysian eVisa is valid for single-entry trips to Malasia for visits of up to 30 days. Holders of an eVisa are able to enter Malaysia for up to 3 months following the date of issue of the Malaysian eVisa.

It is important to complete the Malaysia visa application from Bangladesh before the trip. The application process for the Malaysia tourist visa is done entirely online and the approved application is sent via email. This simple process completely removes the need to visit the embassy, fill out paperwork, and await the results in person.

Visa Types for Bangladeshi Citizens

The Malaysian government offers different Malaysia visa types for Bangladeshi citizens.

Single-Entry Tourist Visa for Bangladesh

The standard single entry eVisa is the most frequently issued Malaysia tourist visa. It is valid for a stay of up to 30 days and cannot be extended.

However, travelers can apply for multiple single-entry visas and can receive a new single-entry visa once every 3 months.

Multiple-Entry Visit Visa for Bangladesh

At the present moment, Bangladeshi citizens can only obtain a multiple-entry visa from a Malaysian embassy or via the government’s website. However, travelers may still apply for the single-entry document as normal using this website.

The multiple-entry Malaysia visa is valid for 3-12 months from the date of issue. This type of Malaysia visa allows for multiple trips of up to 30 days each, but extensions are not allowed.

Entry Requirements from Bangladesh

It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that they meet all Malaysian visa requirements for Bangladesh before applying.

Applicants should carefully prepare the following requirements before applying:

  • A passport which is valid for at least 6 months past the date of approval of the eVisa
  • A valid email address where the Malaysian Government can send the approved eVisa
  • A valid credit card in order to pay the visa processing fee

The date of entry into Malaysia, or at least an approximation

Minors aged 13-18 will need their own Malaysia visa application and their own valid passport. Minors under age 12 should apply with a parent on the same eVisa application and will need to provide a birth certificate.

Apply for the Malaysia Visa from Bangladesh

The Malaysian visa application for Bangladesh is completed online. There are 3 simple steps to obtain the online eVisa:

Submit the eVisa application form
Pay the fees securely online using a valid debit or credit card
Receive the approved Malaysia eVisa document via email

The Malaysia visa application asks for the name, birthdate, country of passport, and gender of the applicant. The application further asks for the passport number, date of issue, and expiration date. Travelers will need to include their date of travel, or at least their approximate date of entry into Malaysia.

The information in the application should exactly match the passport details of the applicant. If there is a mistake in the application, it could be rejected which will cause a delay.

Processing Time for the Malaysia Visa

The application takes up to 3 business days to process. To be safe, applicants should submit their application at least 2 weeks before their intended date of travel.

Receiving the Approved Tourist Visa

Once the application is approved, the Malaysia eVisa is sent to the email address provided on the application. This eVisa must be printed on paper ready to present upon arrival in Malaysia. The eVisa will need to be shown upon entry into Malaysia as well as upon exit. At this time, a paper version is required and a digital version will not be accepted.

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Travel Requirements for Entry into Malaysia

In addition to the printed eVisa, there are other travel requirements for entry into Malaysia. Travelers must show a return flight booking confirmation or other proof that they will be leaving Malaysia before the maximum stay of 30 days. They will also need to provide confirmation of accommodation during their stay.

This can be either a booking confirmation or a letter from a friend or family where the traveler will stay. Lastly, the traveler will be asked to show proof of sufficient funds for the duration of their trip. This can be in the form of cash, or valid debit or credit cards.